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Seizing Control with Coach Cvjetkovic

To win tennis matches, you need to win tennis points. And those points often depend on the very first shot: the serve. But consistency and strategy extend beyond just powerful serves. Here’s how to play points that set you up for victory: 

1. Serve with Precision 

  • Aim for high first-serve percentages and avoid double faults
  • Use the serve to set up an attacking position. 
  • Practice serving drills regularly to develop consistency and accuracy. 

2. Minimize Unforced Errors 

  • Relentlessly focus on reducing unforced errors, especially early in matches and games. 
  • Warm up effectively to establish rhythm and shot control. 
  • Emphasize consistency in practice sessions. 

3. Attack with Confidence 

  • Look for opportunities to hit winners or use aggressive shots to create easy follow-through. 
  • Capitalize on opponents’ weak returns and play with confidence. 

4. Adapt to Different Styles of Play 

  • Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on your opponent’s tendencies. 
  • Experiment with different formats (like next gen sets) to challenge yourself and work on various skills. 

5. Start Strong, Finish Stronger 

  • Recognize the importance of starting points and games with focus and precision. 
  • Maintain concentration and intensity throughout each set, from first point to last. 
  • Embrace the work required to improve your tennis game and embrace every opportunity to learn and grow. 

Ready to dominate more points? Put these strategies into practice and watch your game soar – start this spring or listen to our coach here.

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