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Improve Your Tennis Game with Mobility Routine

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In the dynamic world of tennis, agility is key, making mobility exercises crucial. At Ljubicic Tennis Academy, we understand the vital link between mobility and on-court excellence.

The Link between Mobility and Tennis Excellence

A player’s ability to execute powerful serves, swift volleys, and lightning-quick lateral movements heavily relies on their joint mobility and muscle activation. This is where our tailored mobility flow exercises come into play.

Mobility Flow Exercises for Tennis Players:

  1. Spinal Flexion and Extension: Enhance your range of motion for powerful serves and agile net play.
  2. Spinal Circles: Improve flexibility in the spine, crucial for swift movements on the tennis court.
  3. Hip Circles: Boost hip mobility to amplify your lateral movements and court coverage.
  4. Thoracic Spine Rotation: Perfect your backhand with increased thoracic mobility and rotation.
  5. Prone Swimmers: Strengthen your back muscles, promoting stability for powerful groundstrokes.
  6. Shoulder CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations): Enhance shoulder mobility for precise and forceful serves.

Why Prioritize Mobility Flow?

Improved mobility translates to quicker reactions, better shot accuracy, and increased endurance – essential for dominating the tennis court.

Check Out Our Mobility Flow Routine on YouTube!

Curious about our mobility flow routine? Head over to our YouTube channel and discover a short routine designed to activate your muscles and joints. In this video, we focus on the shoulders, hips, and core muscles, laying the foundation for a successful tennis practice. The intensity is carefully calibrated to prepare you for the challenges ahead. Check it out!

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