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Power Up Your Game: The Ultimate Tennis gym warm-up Routine

Every champion knows the importance of a proper warm-up. At Ljubicic Tennis Academy, we understand that maximizing your power on the court starts long before the first serve. Our expert coaches, like Oscar, have designed a dynamic gym warm-up routine tailored explicitly to tennis players, focusing on rotational and linear power.

This comprehensive gym warm-up routine will prepare your body for peak performance and help prevent injuries. Let’s delve into each step and understand the science behind Oscar’s powerful approach.

Step 1: Release & Relax with Foam Rolling

We begin by priming the muscles with foam rolling. This self myofascial release technique helps break down tightness and improve blood flow, allowing for greater mobility and range of motion.

Step 2: Breathe Deeply, Focus Your Mind

Taking slow, deep breaths calms the nervous system and increases oxygen intake. This prepares your body for intense activity while promoting mental focus and concentration – crucial qualities for success on the court.

Step 3: Unlock Mobility with Dynamic Stretches

Gone are the days of static stretches before a workout. Dynamic stretches, like leg swings, arm circles, and lunges with twists, mimic tennis movements while gradually increasing your heart rate and blood flow. This prepares your joints and muscles for the explosive movements you’ll encounter during your game.

Step 4: Ignite Power with Dynamic Drills

Now it’s time to awaken your inner beast! Oscar will guide you through a series of dynamic drills that target both rotational and linear power. Rotational drills like medicine ball throws and torso rotations engage your core and shoulders, which are essential for generating power on your forehands and backhands. Linear drills like jump squats and lunges with jumps build explosive leg power, allowing you to dominate the baseline and reach those crucial volleys.

Step 5: Activate Specific Musculature

Finally, we target specific muscle groups crucial for tennis with light resistance exercises. Resistance bands or light dumbbells can be used for exercises like shoulder presses and core twists. This activation phase ensures your key muscles are primed and ready to fire on all cylinders during your match.

This gym warm-up routine, designed by the experts at Ljubicic Tennis Academy, is just one piece of the puzzle. Our comprehensive training programs combine expert coaching, cutting-edge techniques, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Click here to watch the full warm-up video and see expert coaching in action!

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